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BC3Lingo – Brightcove3 UI Translation Tool

Written by Bob de Wit. Posted in .NET, Brightcove, Developer Blog

This is intended to be a small free tool to make the process of contributing & validating translation files as easy as possible. Click here for installer (Windows XP/Vista). If you don’t have .NET 3.5 installed, it will install this automatically, but this may take a few minutes. Version 0.1.0: Translation template file is not yet implemented because I don’t have the master template here, so “New File” will display an error message. Load an example file instead.
  • First edition, for internal review. Basic functionality implemented
  • Auto-Install & Update checking
  • I don’t have the master file so I took this one off a French translation file that was sent to me. Needs to be replaced by the English master file.
  • Loads and Saves edited files, will ask confirmation on overwrite
  • Built-in Browser preview for conformity checking.
  • Malformed XML files will be rejected during load.
  • Transcoding of special characters is done in background
  • Sorting of columns possible by clicking on header
  • Newline in text messages: use \n