Multilingual Subtitling Using BEML & External Subtitle Files

Written by Bob de Wit. Posted in ActionScript, Brightcove, Developer Blog

In some cases, you may need to display subtitles in more than one language, or in different notations – but not necessarily for the entire video. The music video above illustrates this case: it sometimes has three subtitle text channels: Japanese Kanji, Romaji Transcription, and an English translation, but some of the song’s lines are only in English. In such situations, I believe it’s more efficient to use time codes and external subtitle text files than cue points, and to “compose” a joint subtitle text file server-side. This BEML player uses a plugin that checks for external .srt file(s) for a video being loaded. As the .srt is a format that can be extracted from DVDs easily, it requires very little configuration other than a base URL and a file naming convention for the subtitles to be pulled in.
To show the per-video dynamic subtitle loading, I’ve also provided subtitles for the “Puffy – Dareka Ga” listed in related videos for this player.

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